Are you looking for a partner, giving you the service, you expect, the service you deserve.  A partner that understands your needs, your budget, and the fact that you have limited time and resources.  A partner that you can call and within hours have someone at your door to fulfill your needs.  If so then you have found the right company - Jobco

You deserve good employees. Our reputation demands that we make sure you get the best employees.

Before Jobco presents candidates to you, the candidates present themselves to Jobco. The candidate is fully briefed on your company and the position. Only if they feel comfortable and qualified are they presented for an interview. Jobco meets candidates at your location before the interview to answer any last minute questions and to formally introduce the candidate to you or your human resources department.

Jobco’s procedures include employment verification, background checks, and telephone reference interviews. By completing these steps, Jobco knows they are sending out pre-qualified candidates for your evaluation.

For your satisfaction, you may do your own evaluation through a contract-to-hire agreement– allowing the candidate and employer to evaluate the final fit. These steps eliminate guesswork, shorten the interview process and get potential candidates working quickly.   

Has your company analyzed the cost of classified ads, interviews, lost productivity, and search time? Let Jobco manage the time and costs for you. Before we present you with a candidate, they have to make a good impression on us. Our staff evaluates all potential candidates in person and fully briefs them on their scope of responsibilities. The steps we take eliminates guess work, shortens the interview process, and gets employees reporting to work quickly.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing many of my past employees still under the same roof – sometimes as hiring managers themselves! We pride ourselves in our ability to promote longevity with our clients and candidates. Other companies may discourage or prohibit you from hiring their staff. At Jobco, we encourage it. In the long run, relationships between Jobco, you and the employee benefits greatly. What really separates Jobco from other firms, recruiting or consulting, is that we allow our clients to hire our candidates as full-time employees any time during their assignment with you. Many of our clients enjoy this flexibility since good employees are hard to find.


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