Interview Tips

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Jobco Staffing’s purpose is to present qualified professionals to rewarding employers and to present rewarding employers to qualified professionals. When you do well, we do well. So remember:

1. Be Prepared

Your Jobco Representative will give you as much information as possible regarding the prospective company and position. In many cases, Jobco has been working with the client and knows the company and position very well. Jobco will inform you about:

  • Type and length of assignment
  • Specific directions to the interview location
  • Name(s) of the person(s) you are meeting with
  • Date and time of the interview
  • The phone number to call if you have an emergency or will be late

Prepare yourself for the interview by doing the following:

  • Bring a copy of your fact sheet/resume, a pad of paper, pen, and any prepared material.
  • Bring accurate information to complete a job application including; Past employment (dates, complete name of the company, address, supervisor’s name, and telephone number); Education (dates, the name of school and degrees achieved); Professional references (name, title, telephone number, and e-mail if known).
  • Leave extras that may distract you such as coats (weather permitting), purses, cell phones, beepers, etc. in the car.
  • Research the prospective company. Go to their website, the library, ask friends and/or relatives what they know of the company.
  • Write down what you have found and memorize it for the interview.
  • From your research, formulate at least two questions to ask at the interview.

2. Be Professional

Appearance - Make sure you look like a business professional.  Wear a suit if possible. Iron wrinkled clothes. Look clean and neat with trimmed hair/beard. Dress on the conservative side so as not to distract the interviewer from what you have to say.

3. 1st Impressions Count

  • Always introduce yourself, “Hi, my name is Bob Smith from Jobco.”
  • Initiate a firm handshake.
  • Make eye contact and smile.

4. The Interview

  • Let the interviewer lead the conversation. Be a good listener and try not to interrupt.

  • Be friendly and participate. Be interactive and try to have an even exchange of dialogue if possible. Do not make the interviewer pull information out of you.

  • Make eye contact and keep it. Look the interviewer directly in the eye when speaking to them, and try to relax and smile.

  • Stick to business. Do not get too personal. Talk about what projects you have done recently and what skills you have learned from them. Talk about your recent seminars and/or schooling and what you learned from them.

  • Be positive at all times. Do not say anything negative about another position, person or company . . . including yourself. Negative comments give the impression you are making excuses and will not take responsibility for your actions.

  • Be truthful. Always be honest and state the facts. You are only jeopardizing your future career if you do not.

  • Sell Yourself! Be a salesperson and sell your skills and tell why the company would benefit from your services.

  • Ask questions. An interview is two-way. This is your opportunity to interview them!

  • Salary, benefits, vacation or sick time should never be discussed on a first interview. Jobco will work with you and the client on these items after the interview.

5. The Exit

  • Thank the person (use their name).
  • Shake hands firmly.
  • Look them in the eyes and smile appreciatively.
  • Do not ask for a business card. There is no need for you to ask for their business card since it is inappropriate for you to contact them afterward. All of your contacts should be with Jobco.
  • Give them your fact sheet/resume if they do not already have it.  
  • This will enable the interviewer to see your name one more time.

6. After The Interview

  • Call your Jobco staffing professional immediately. It is very important for Jobco to know how you feel about the opportunity, whether it is good or bad before Jobco talks to the client. Key points include:
  • Are you interested in the job? Would you accept the position or assignment if offered?
  • How long was the interview, and with whom did you meet?
  • Did the client talk to you about coming back for a second interview, or ask when you could start?

Do not follow-up with the interviewer. All of your follow-ups should be with Jobco Staffing. Remember, this is not like a regular interview. One of the main reasons companies use Jobco is to spend less time on the hiring process. If you want to send a thank you, ask your Jobco Rep if that would be appropriate.  If so, they can mail it and/or get you the address.

7. And Most Of All

Learn from it. Every chance you can, use interviews as practice for the “job of your dreams”.  Go over in your head, what went well, and what you should have done differently, and write it down.  Use it as a guide for your next interview.

And Just A Few More Points To Consider

  • Most people like to hear themselves talk. By simply letting your interviewer talk, they will have a more positive perception of your interview.
  • Past performance is the best indication of future performance. A good interviewer will be focusing on this, so be prepared to answer questions about past employment.
  • Any negative comments about a past employer or manager will automatically make the interviewer sympathize with them, not you.